As a leading yarn manufacturer and a citizen of the world village, we are aware of how important the issue of environmental protection is for all of us. Yi Shin offers GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified products to downstream manufacturers and brand owners to save the earth and to pursue a better future. 

Our eco-friendly LEMTT process is to go higher automation to save the labor force (L), to reduce electricity consumption to save the energy (E), to decrease the use of cartons (M=material) to lower paper usage, to lessen the times of transportation (T) to decrease oil consumption, to shorten the working hours (T=time) to achieve better work-life balance.

Our eco-friendly LEMTT process does do the best job to save the earth.

L (labor): automation to replace labor force

E (energy): energy saving

M (material): reduce material usage

T (transportation): save transportation cost

T (time): save time

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